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Bountiful Schools Of Underwater Fish In Cabos San Lucas Mexico

Underwater Fish Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

These are schools of fish we saw when taking the yellow submarine tour in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. They were awe-inspiring and so beautiful. Watching the amazing schools of fish lying beneath the surface of the ocean make me realize how bountiful this planet really is. It kind of made me think of manifestations or […]

Canadian Backpackers Vacationing In Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

I’m on the third floor of my… very very colorful hotel. Holy crap, it’s like every wall is an intense bright color. It’s like the decorator forgot the neutrals and put every element as the accent color… everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, there are a few neutrals but the neutrals and accents were packed in there and juxtaposed. […]