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Cool Travel Accessories Flashpacking The World In Style

First let’s define the term flashpacker for the meaning we’ll be using today Definition: Flashpacker. The independent traveler who is visiting destinations once more commonly reserved for the more adventurous budget traveler; traveling with more affluence and enjoying the conveniences of their lifestyle usually reserved for being at home by bringing their gear including a […]

5 Of The Best Travel Websites and Real Examples Of Deals From Each

These are the best travel websites and any backpacker or flexible traveler likely uses them all the time! Here’s some real life examples of travel gems from each. 1. This is a project set up for people to stay with others while they are traveling and to host other travelers while they are at […]

Christmas Carol of the Bells – Maisie’s Magical Christmas House Light Display

The Christmas house just off 97st and 144ave in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  is called Maisie’s Magical Christmas House and is in honor of the home owner’s mother who created a light display every year for people to enjoy before her passing in 2007. The family wanted people to be able to enjoy the Christmas Lights […]

Bountiful Schools Of Underwater Fish In Cabos San Lucas Mexico

Underwater Fish Cabos San Lucas, Mexico

These are schools of fish we saw when taking the yellow submarine tour in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. They were awe-inspiring and so beautiful. Watching the amazing schools of fish lying beneath the surface of the ocean make me realize how bountiful this planet really is. It kind of made me think of manifestations or […]

How To Write A Travel Blog

One of the greatest thing about traveling is there are so many new experiences to write about! Learning how to write a travel blog is a fun process. Everyday is an adventure and you’ll find yourself noticing everything ; the mundane will all of a sudden seem fresh and new. You’ll experience the taste of […]

Privacy Policy

We have developed the comprehensive privacy policy below to help you better understand what data we collect and how we use it. Customer and Membership Information: Customer account information and Membership account information that you provide (such as your email address, address, phone number, passwords, credit card or payment information, etc.) is held in strict […]

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