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Viewing Wildlife In Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a great place to do some wildlife watching. The best times to see wildlife are the early morning and evening when animals are out the most, however in Banff even during the day you’re sure to see plenty of wildlife to keep you entertained. Some more commonly sighted wildlife in Banff […]

Cool Travel Accessories Flashpacking The World In Style

First let’s define the term flashpacker for the meaning we’ll be using today Definition: Flashpacker. The independent traveler who is visiting destinations once more commonly reserved for the more adventurous budget traveler; traveling with more affluence and enjoying the conveniences of their lifestyle usually reserved for being at home by bringing their gear including a […]

World’s Friendliest Cities

Here’s a list of the world’s friendliest cities. If you live in one of these places… lucky! By far the friendliest places we’ve been were anywhere in Austria, Switzerland and many places in Canada (such as Jasper, Banff and Victoria). Try and find someone who’s not nice to  you in these places. What a treat. […]